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End - Necessary Death

постер песни End Necessary Death
End - Necessary Death
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End - Necessary Death
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Guided by the solitary light of your paradise in flames
To eradicate all living things in an unbiased genocide
No greater opportunity to do away
With the righteous hearts beating in sequence with a false crusade
Adorned in a crown of thorns, but I see you for what you really are
A filthy fucking pawn, a useless fucking figurehead
Immune to the contractions of a serpent’s poison tongue
No savior could save me
No martyrs, no casualties
Only necessary death to facilitate the process of natural selection
With one final act of coercion
I will convince the doomed to rise
And ignite the final spark that will engulf and cloak mankind
Redemption pulled from underneath their feet
No savior could save me
Necessary death
No savior could save me from a necessary death
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